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The Fight

of Their Lives

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World’s rhino population in South Africa

Black rhino left in South Africa

+/- 3,000 


A highly significant portion of this number live in the Eastern Cape’s Great Fish River Valley within Kwandwe Private Game Reserve and the neighbouring Great Fish River Reserve.

Black rhinos were introduced to Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in 2000 and the reserve is now home to a healthy and growing population of black as well as white rhino.



of the total population


individual animals

The numbers demonstrate the importance of this region in black rhino conservation and highlight our unique responsibility.


Large-scale poaching, slow breeding cycles and disappearing habitat continue to threaten the future of the rhino.


Conservation programmes, like those led by the newly established Kwandwe Rhino Conservation Trust, as part of an Africa-wide effort, are vital to the long- term recovery and stability of this great species.

However, conserving the rhino is costly and although Kwandwe has a good track record in securing their rhino, losses will be inevitable if protection of these animals is not maintained and scaled up.


In our role as custodians, Kwandwe has agreed to extend the support of its anti-poaching unit to the neighbouring Great Fish River Reserve.

In support of this mission, Kwandwe established the Kwandwe Rhino Conservation Trust in 2019 in order to raise funds to continue protecting the black and white rhino.


Our Unique Opportunity & Responsibility

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Kwandwe - copyright Scott Ramsay - www.L
Kwandwe - copyright Scott Ramsay - www.L



Angus Sholto-Douglas

Angus sees rhino conservation as central to the conservation of all life on the planet. He simply states, “If we cannot find it within ourselves to save such an iconic species as the rhino, it is highly unlikely we will be able to save much else.” As a founder of Kwandwe Private Game Reserve in 1999, he has seen the property, and eco-tourism, develop in the area. He firmly believes that Kwandwe would simply not be the same without the rhino.

Tebogo Mogashoa

Born in Katlehong in Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Tebogo Mogashoa grew up in Orlando West, Soweto, South Africa. From humble beginnings as an engineering graduate, Tebogo has set out to personally and financially support opportunities for new business ventures.